MaxWay Sliding Door Damper

MaxWay is a sub-brand of Kure Hardware Company, with 14 years marketing experience in Furniture Hardware,we set up our new brand MaxWay.

MaxWay soft closing device catches the running doors so that they close slowly, silently and softly.
-For roller slides and ball bearing slides
-For single-walled frames
-For sliding doors

MaxWay sliding door damper is mainly suitable for three door wardrobes, but also for single rail one door cabinets or shelf solutions. The damper is compatible for the most common sliding door systems.

The innovative damping system is centering the middle door in defined position – mostly the midst- and allows to move the door free to the right and left. Fitted with additional standard dampers the middle door can be soft closed even at the edge of the wardrobe to the right and left by using the same activator. As the activator can be mounted on top of the carriage, there is no need for additional drilling into the door. The compact and modular design of the fitting enables an easy mounting on top or inside of the carcass.

Post time: Jan-16-2017