The type of closet door

It is often said that the closet door is a sliding door, push and pull folding (stack) door or flat fold (stack) door. We often find common “closet door” – “sliding door” For example, the internation market divided sliding system into:

1, the hanging roller load (no glide)

2, the down roller load (with the slide)


The  shortcomings of the hanging roller  load bearing is: no glide path.

 Install common hanging roller may come across some very annoying questions.

Feature 1: unsightly.

Feature 2: common  hanging roller is not conducive to maintenance; no matter how good the surface treatment, but also withstand the wear and tear of adult shoes and mop;

Feature 3: dust, fouling;


The shortcomings of the down roller load bearing :

Feature 1: pull the effect slightly less than the next round of load-bearing door;

Feature 2: the installation requirements are too high to the quality of our decoration workers, it is difficult to install such a door, it is likely that the use of the phenomenon in the future.

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Post time: May-25-2017