Why We Choose Barn Doors?

sliding barn doors


Barns doors are widely used in our morden life. Interior sliding barn doors are great space-saving partitions that allow you to separate rooms while doubling as an accent feature. When you need a little extra privacy but don’t have the capacity to install a pocket door, a barn door can be the perfect solution - all you need is enough wall space for the door to occupy while not in use. If you’re interested in adding functional flair to your home, consider placing interior barn doors throughout.

sliding barn doors


1. With no door swing to consider, walls to open up, or trim to change, the possibilities of where you can install sliding barn doors are endless. The most obvious spots are in tight spaces where a standard door is just not feasible, but think beyond the obvious to include a barn door in more unique spots. Close off unsightly closets and utility rooms, or even hang a pair of sliding barn doors in front of built-ins to conceal a television or media storage. Have an odd-shaped door frame or arched passageway? It’s easy to find multiple barn door designs to slide right over the entire opening.

2. Another great use for interior barn doors is to turn a semi-open concept into a temporarily private office or guest room; perfect for multipurpose spaces. Don’t worry about your space looking overly farm-like either; while barn-style doors do originate from barns, they come in every style imaginable to help you achieve whichever look you’re aiming for.

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Post time: May-12-2017